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Two great books to watch out for this week

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt The Abominable - Dan Simmons
Reblogged from Bookivorous:

A new book from Donna Tartt is always a big event in the literary world, especially as we all have to wait ten impatient years between each one. Some of us were a little disappointed by The Little Friend her follow up to the wildly successful The Secret History, but this time around I'm pretty sure that Tartt fans are going to be very happy with novel number three: The Goldfinch


I can't say more than that, having been sworn to secrecy by Dark Powers, or more accurately having promised the publishers I would post my review tomorrow, the day the book comes out. It's waiting on LitReactor, ready to be copied here later.


  But Tartt's book isn't the only awesome bit of literary candy hitting the shelves this week. My fellow reviewer Leah Dearborn managed to snaffle The Abominable  by Dan Simmons for this month's BookShots reviews and I don't blame her for grabbing it because Simmons' thriller about a doomed 1920s climbing expedition on Everest is a yarn in the very best ripping tradition. The Abominable also comes out tomorrow and as luck would have it, it's snowing here in Norway, so I'm cuddling up by the fire with this one later in the week!